Wayne Rooney Goals vs Arsenal Free kicks Video 2011- Man Utd vs Arsenal Hat trick

These three fabulous Wayne Rooney goals vs Arsenal came in the Man Utd vs Arsenal Premier League fixture on August 28, 2011. Two of Wayne Rooney goals vs Arsenal were free kicks and great ones at that by the Utd forward, while the third one was a penalty. The first Rooney free kick vs Arsenal came in the first half, while the second free kick goal and the penalty came in the other half.

Sublime free kicks from Wayne Rooney against Arsenal- not much the Gunners keeper could do to stop them. The third goal was a well taken penalty.

Man Utd 3-0 Arsenal ( Rooney free kick against Arsenal 41)
Man Utd 4-1 Arsenal ( Rooney free kick v Arsenal 64)
Man Utd 7-2 Arsenal ( Rooney penalty v Arsenal 82)

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