1 thought on “Goals Brazil Germany 1:7 Highlights | Video Brasil Alemanha World Cup 2014

  1. There is no point in blaming Brazil for the ignominious and abject surrender in the semi finals. Brazil never looked in great shape right from the beginning. Though Neymar was able to infuse life and creativity, Brazil never transformed into a team much less one in a rhythm. Oscar has however proved to be a player of mettle.

    One needs to analyse the performance from the point of view of talent in the team. Fred supposed to be its main striker was a mere shadow. The mid field save Neymar had absolute dearth of creativity. There was no co ordinated movement. Brazil did not have players in the like of the R’s to create or penetrate. Its play lacked all aspects- creativity, passing and execution.

    Less to speak of the defense, which was deploring. David Luiz, though helped in scoring goals was casual and horrible. Both the wingers namely Marcelo and Danie Alves were ineffective. Thiago Silva, its captain appear solid in the central defense.

    In short Brazil did not even deserve to go beyond the second round. I am ardent fan of Brazilian foot ball but I can’t hold back what I said.

    Brazil has to first of all analyse its problems and find solutions to overcome the same. It is true that Brazil or for that matter any Latin American foot ball cannot be turned into a well oiled machine like the Europeans. But Brazil has to ensure that there has to be a team formation.

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