Will Ronaldo win Copa America before Messi? Portugal and Spain to participate at Copa America 2019?

No, that title of Ronaldo winning Copa America before Messi was NOT a typo! According to Portuguese paper ABola, if CONMEBOL have their way, Portugal and Spain will both be invited to participate at Copa America 2019. Other invitees being considered are Mexico, Japan and China.

If Portugal do get invited to the tournament, it would provide Ronaldo the opportunity to win four major titles with his country in four years- they won Euro 2016 last year, can win the Confederations Cup this year (Portugal are in Group A for the Confeds along with Russia, Mexico and New Zealand), will take part in the World Cup in 2018 and then Copa in 2019.

That statement of Ronaldo winning Copa before Messi doesn’t look so outrageous now, does it?

If they do participate, Portugal v Argentina will definitely be a blockbuster (might well be the last time Messi and Ronaldo meet on the international stage- both well into their 30’s by then), and so could Brazil v Portugal and Spain vs Argentina if they take place, given the colonial history involved in the latter two fixtures.

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